Your business should work for you, not the other way around.

A great website is so much more than a collection of webpages, and even more than a great business tool.

When done well, a website can be the difference between working on the weekend, and a work-free weekend.

Your business should give you life instead of taking from it.

Having a website that turn visitors into followers, prospects into clients, and clients into ambassadors can help you do just that.

A few years ago, I finally stopped comparing myself to others and defined what success means to me. Scheduling work around my outdoor adventures, waking up without an alarm, and having more time for the people in my life is my definition of success. 

It took a trial-and-error process of thoughtfully setting up systems, and I’m constantly tweaking it, but I’ve been able to live my life on my own terms. And I want that for you too. 

You know your business, clients, and goals better than anyone else, which is why I’ll work collaboratively with you, as we create a website that gives you the kind of business you want to have.

I’ll dig deep into your goals for business ensuring that your website help you achieve them. I only take on a select number of clients each year to make sure that each one gets the best of my attention--this work is too meaningful to be spread thin. 

Understanding your clients is essential to an intelligent redesign, so I’ll dive into the mindset of your ideal client to make sure that the website is build for them. Giving them an experience that turn them into raving fans & return clients.  

Hi I'm Michaela, I would love to be your strategic design partner

At the end of it all? You’ll have a website that meets your goals with brains and beauty.

Our clients say that they can point to launch day as a turning point in their business. 

What could a strategic redesign do for you? 

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Michaela - Owner, Digital Strategist & Web Designer 

Michaela honed her craft at the AAA School of Advertising in her home city of Cape Town, South Africa. Her first business officially began 8 years ago while in college and after graduating, she decided not to take the traditional route. Traveling gave her a new perspective on design, so she forged ahead with her design career while traveling Europe, Central America and Brazil. She met her husband during this adventure, and together they now live in his home country of Brazil with their two pups. 

She’s a proud winner of the coveted Emerging Creative award at the Cape Town Design Indaba and was a finalist at the Loerie Awards, an intercontinental design challenge. 

Clients around the world have called on Michaela’s design skills – everyone from a trendy London fashion line to local businesses like her hometown scuba diving school. 

Michaela knows that design is a vehicle for communicating well, and clients rave about how her talents give them new tools for connecting with clients, all while creating great customer experiences. 

She is the logo designer here at Beachside Studio. When she is not designing logos she loves exploring Lake Michigan with her pup, and designing cheeky greeting cards. Her love for print, typography, and West Michigan heavily inspires her digital design process. She firmly believe that functionality and beauty go hand in hand.

Melanie - Graphic Designer