Her design work is original. She is serious about her design studio business and is dedicated to excellent customer service and client satisfaction. I have a logo that I LOVE with a color scheme, fonts and brand elements that I am delighted with. 

Her hard work and open heart have changed my business radically for the better, and I'll forever be thankful. Her talent in her field is astounding. Hire. Her. Right. Now. It's worth it! "

"This investment is the best money I've spent in years for my business.

Jessica Hunt, Photographer

"Working with Michaela is a dream!

She took my half-baked design ideas and with thoughtful creativity brought my project to life.

The design process can be a wobbly road but with Michaela at the helm, the whole project felt incredibly organized; communication was easy and fun. I am thrilled with what we’ve created."

Sas Petherick, Certified Coach & Writer

You need someone who understands what you need and someone who has stellar design skills to make your vision come to reality. Michaela has both.

"The thing I liked best about working with Michaela was her design eye and the options she presented to me. She understood what I needed and provided exactly that, tied up in a pretty bow. She made working with her easy like a warm relaxing sunny day. I would recommend her to any of my yoga teaching + life coaching friends who need beautiful design.

I'm actually sad that our project has come to an end. I loved every moment working with her."

Teresa Neuhaus, Yoga Instructor & Women's Lifestyle & Stress-resiliency Coach

She asked questions that get at the heart of the desired vision.

"Michaela understood my aesthetic and vision.

She communicates in a timely manner and is professional. I recommend her."

Donna Jean Engstrom, Artist

she does amazing work, is professional, extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and forthcoming with ideas and suggestions, but also allows for the desires of her client to be met.

"It has been amazing to work with Michaela and I feel so extremely fortunate for having found such a gem in her! This is why I have recommended her to so many people;

Mary Macey, Yoga Instructor and Wellness Coach

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"I LOVE LOVE LOVE working with Michaela! 

She helped capture my essence so perfectly, in a way that no other designer has ever been able to do! I loved her help in defining my customer avatar and client experience so that my website can do the heavy lifting for me in attracting and speaking to my ideal customer.

Working with her saved me SO much time because I am no longer re-doing my website every month and it has given me so much mental space to focus on my other projects!

She is a magician at understanding someone's vision and brand! I am so thankful for her!"

Kelsey Chapman, Business & Marketing Coach