Jessica Hunt went from getting booked for 10 high-end weddings a year to 25! 

She has amazing talent, and that coupled with a redesign grew her business 2X-3X! 

Jessica Hunt is a fine art, natural light wedding photographer with a special talent for helping people feel totally relaxed in front of the camera.

I was enamored with her work, and I knew that her branding and web design needed to showcase her talent.

here’s how we doubled her client bookings

She felt like her current site just wasn’t getting her what she needed, so we set out together to make her online presence match her talent.

When Jess came to me, she wanted a website that felt sophisticated and attracted her ideal clients.

Branding to Match the Talent

When you meet Jess, the first thing you notice (second to her vibrant personality) is her bright purple hair. It’s her signature look, and embodies so much of what is wonderful about her. 

She loved the idea of translating this to her website, and wanted her site to be more polished, so I worked with her current branding to make it all cohesive. 

I played on her signature purple and transformed it into a soothing lavender, to give it a more bridal, sophisticated feel

She loved the crest she was using already because of the symbolism for heirloom quality photography, so I kept that and refined it to match the rest of her branding - communicating the quality and high-end value she offers to her clients. 

With her new, full branding suite, Jessica is now strategically poised to attract her ideal clients.

The perfect site layout

It was critical for us to strategically think about how to organize her website for maximum effectiveness. We needed to:

Show off Jess’ personality/distinctiveness
Create a ‘What To Expect’ Section
Study how people use her site
Arrange her content strategically to keep people engaged + taking action

We created a smart content structure to match Jess’ goals (AKA show off her vibrant personality and connect with clients who wanted a photographer as fun, bubbly and talented as her!), and anticipate her clients’ needs. 

Couples love to know what to expect, so we created a “What to Expect” section.

We continued to refine and perfect the layout of her website, adding relevant sections, videos, photos (naturally!), and calls to action. And the results were amazing! (More on that below…)

Journey mapping & testing our changes

When we studied how real people use Jess’ site, we saw that people read this “What to Expect” section word-for-word. 

That is so rare in websites. Most people scan, then leave. But with this redesign, people were sticking around longer, and many would then inquire about her services right away.

I knew we were onto something good.

The result

Jessica is a talented photographer who was getting published in lots of print and online outlets, but the biggest change in her business during this time was her new website. 

Here’s what happened after we finished working together: 

“Working with Michaela was the best investment I’ve made in a long, long time.”

Jessica now consistently books 25 high-end weddings a year (more than double her previous bookings of 10!)

Jessica raised her prices, (even though nothing else had changed)

Daily site visitors tripled

Jessica’s site creates such a strong personal connection, that clients now book with her just because of her website (in their own words!)

Jessica ran a Google ad to her website, and booked ⅓ of her spots for the year, with just $70 ad spend. 

Having a new website transformed Jessica’s business and made it easier for her to show off her already talented work. 

Are you wishing this was you now?

If you’re looking to grow, get more freedom in your weeks, book clients easily, and earn more money - then a website redesign might be your most valuable investment.

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