We turned International Reiki Organization founder Lisa Power’s website into a gorgeous, strategic site that converts! 

Lisa Powers is a Reiki practitioner and educator with a passion to empower others to transform their bodies, minds, and spirits so they can live a life full of love and joy.

This was the third site Lisa had asked me to design after we completed her personal websites.

When Lisa came to me, her existing site had been built for two very different types of visitors. Because of this, it was hard to navigate. 

We decided to create two “sides” for the site: one for practitioners, and one for visitors looking for Reiki practitioners, so both types of visitors could easily find what they needed.

Creating A New Look


Lisa’s new site needed to reflect a sense of peace and establish trust in her knowledge of running a successful alternative healing business.

We kept her existing logo and extended her branding to match, using soothing purple, teal, and gray to ground her copy and communicate gentle expertise.

Since there isn’t much stock photography that caters to Reiki practitioners, I searched for more appropriate stock photos and photoshopped them so they would be less generic.

With its new branding, the International Reiki Organization site is now positioned as an authority in its field.

 Website Strategy

To organize Lisa’s website for maximum effectiveness, we needed to:

Create a new site map that is easy to understand and navigate
Develop the site for two distinctly different personas (those looking for Reiki professionals and those who want to become certified practitioners)
Design two sides to the site (one for each persona) and add a button in the navigation to switch from one side to the other
Implement a more appropriate color palette based on the site’s content

We created a smart content structure to match Lisa’s goals, draw the right clients towards working with her, and anticipate her clients’ questions about her offerings.

Then we continued to refine and perfect the layout of her website, adding relevant sections, photos, and compelling calls to action. And the results were amazing! (Keep reading to see for yourself…)

Lisa’s Custom

“You are so amazing, Michaela! Since working with you my site traffic has increased significantly, including conversions! You rock!”

The results

Here’s what happened after we finished working together: 

Lisa is now clearly positioned as an expert in her field

Lisa’s site can help visitors looking for Reiki practitioners AND visitors who want to build their businesses

Lisa’s site is now easier to navigate than ever, which leads to higher conversions

A strategic web redesign transformed Lisa’s business and made it easier for clients to take the next step and join her membership.

Do you want to be next?