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Exactly which high-impact actions to take to make your site attract more clients and help you reach your goals

How to make working with you a “no brainer” decision for your ideal clients

Places where your website visitors are falling through the cracks, and opportunities to change up your website for better engagement

You need a website that attracts high-quality clients and effortless sales. But you’re not sure what needs to change to get your website working for you. 

You’re a little “too close” to it all to see clearly, so you need a fresh perspective… 

… and advice from a pro who creates strategic, beautifully branded websites for a living.

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"I LOVE LOVE LOVE working with Michaela! I've achieved SO much brand clarity and she helped tell my brand story.

She helped capture my essence so perfectly, in a way that no other designer has ever been able to do! I loved her help in defining my customer avatar and client experience so that my website can do the heavy lifting for me in attracting and speaking to my ideal customer.

She is a magician at understanding someone's vision and brand! I am so thankful for her!"

Kelsey Chapman, Business & Marketing Coach

"It was so helpful to see things from an outside perspective and where we have missed the mark.

And not just anyone but a creative, with experience and an eye to making things work. These website strategy sessions are to open up your mind and see what you might be missing, even if it's just a little or a lot.  Be open, be there, Michaela is putting her time and knowledge into making things better for you, so be assured you are working with a professional."

Ingrid Urena, Brand designer

"I've noticed a HUGE uptick in bookings and inquiries since my new brand and website were launch!

Having a beautiful site to display who I am and my work has helped me connect with those clients that are a perfect fit for me. 

I've noticed a growth in readership on my blog after having it redesigned! It's easier to read, navigate, and presents my work more beautifully than my previous blog template."

jessica hunt, photographer