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When your site is designed to be more than just pretty, but rather a tool built with your clients and purpose in mind, then it becomes your most productive team member.

We’ll start with the core of the matter--creating an ideal experience for your client and defining your business goals. 

You’ve refined your business direction, you’re making waves, now you need a website to match.

 It will suddenly seem like you have a sales team, a concierge, and a look that matches your level of talent and value.

We’ll use that as the foundation for intentional design: one that keeps your business running smoothly and attract just the kind of clients you desire. You’ll find that you finally have a website that does the heavy lifting for you, leaving you to focus on growth and relationships.

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"I've noticed a HUGE uptick in bookings and inquiries since my new brand and website were launch!

Having a beautiful site to display who I am and my work has helped me connect with those clients that are a perfect fit for me. 

I've noticed a growth in readership on my blog after having it redesigned! It's easier to read, navigate, and presents my work more beautifully than my previous blog template."

jessica hunt, photographer

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"I LOVE LOVE LOVE working with Michaela! I've achieved SO much brand clarity and she helped tell my brand story.

She helped capture my essence so perfectly, in a way that no other designer has ever been able to do! I loved her help in defining my customer avatar and client experience so that my website can do the heavy lifting for me in attracting and speaking to my ideal customer.

Working with her saved me SO much time because I am no longer re-doing my website every month and it has given me so much mental space to focus on my other projects!

She is a magician at understanding someone's vision and brand! I am so thankful for her!"

Kelsey Chapman, Business & Marketing Coach

"Working with Michaela is a dream! She took my half-baked design ideas and with thoughtful creativity brought my project to life.

The design process can be a wobbly road but with Michaela at the helm, the whole project felt incredibly organized; communication was easy and fun. I am thrilled with what we’ve created."


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"You need someone who understands what you need and someone who has stellar design skills to make your vision come to reality. Michaela has both.

She understood what I needed and provided exactly that, tied up in a pretty bow. She made working with her easy like a warm relaxing sunny day. I'm actually sad that our project has come to an end. I loved every moment working with her."


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"It was so helpful to see things from an outside perspective and where we have missed the mark.

And not just anyone but a creative, with experience and an eye to making things work. These website audits are to open up your mind and see what you might be missing, even if it's just a little or a lot. I trust her vision and she has such a kind way of pointing people to the right path. Be open, be there, Michaela is putting her time and knowledge into making things better for you, so be assured you are working with a professional."

Ingrid Urena, Brand designer

Our Process

Gathering data

At the end? Your new stunning site will act as an extension of your team. You'll have more clients, more great experiences for all involved, and best of all, more time for what matters most. 

website objectives

test & grow

Ongoing Support

After the website is live, I like to maintain a long-term relationship with my clients. I can help you with sales page designs, website maintenance, social media graphics, ebook designs, strategy sessions, you name it, I’ve got your back.

We seek a deep understanding of your ideal client's situation, needs, hesitations and what are they thinking. We gather data that shows us how people are using your website, where they are getting stuck. With all that data we can understand where & what the problem is.

We look at your business goals, the action you want visitors to take on your website and the visitors objectives, the desires or needs they want to meet. We create a website flow that help you reach your business goals, and help visitors find what they are looking for. 

We create our best website design based on experience, your website objectives and the data we’ve gathered. Then we test the design to ensure that you truly have a website that helps you grow your business. With set objectives we measure the success of the website to see what works best.

Curious how a strategic design could change your business? 

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Full website design projects starts at $ 5,500.00 - 3 month timeline

Waitlist now open for Jan 2018

Not sure what you need?

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Before you invest in a full redesign, a site audit is the perfect way to determine what you need.

I'll look at what's working well, and what could improve. Then, I’ll guide you into the next steps of what your website needs.